Do you think?

#DoYouLove? #DoYouThink?

#DoYouLove? Do you love the planet? Then why do you not protect her? Do you love animals? Then why is…

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For all of the children who are victims of war and violence. Children are not a part of war.

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Green Kids Colouring Book – FREE DOWNLOAD

We are currently in very difficult times, the COVID-19 spread means isolation for many of us. Green Kids are working…

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The Important Role of the Midwife…

Dashni learned about the important role of #midwives in refugee camps, they make the difference between live and death. I…

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Green Kids Book Distribution – Rojava

Green Kids gratefully received 65 boxes of amazing children books from the International Book Project, all the way from the…

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Recordshop Arnhemse Meisjes supporting Green Kids

A huge thank you to Recordshop Arnhemse Meisjes for hosting our Green Kids fundraising event which aimed to support children…

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Donated Books from London

Thanks to those parents who donated their children’s used books to libraries in London, we were able to make displaced…

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Mini Concert with RDR Band – Qushtapa Camp

Due to heavy rain our Library in Qushtapa Camp was damaged so we could not provide the much needed classes…

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Jezhnikan Primary School – Erbil

Green Kids are very happy to know that so many people who believe in our mission. There are many schools…

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Hour of Code Event

So proud to be part of this fantastic event with Tavi Kids, we have never received such a warm welcome…

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Green Kids Awarded at Kurdistan Fashion Week

Singer Dashni Morad would to take an opportunity today to think about how amazing proud she is of Green Kids….

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Green Kids – Arbat School

Green Kids and founder Dashni Morad was delighted to open a brand new art room for Arbat School. Art neuters children’s…

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School material distribution to Shahîdany Wartê Primary School

One of our Green Kids aims is to secure a safe and happy environment for children that allows them to…

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Delivery of pens, books and more to Trpe Spian School

Another Green Kids win! With pens, books and bags we were able to provide Trpe Spian school with the tools…

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Delivering Birthday Gifts to Qushtapa Camp

Delivering my birthday gifts to Syrian/Kurdish children at the Qushtapa camp. The purpose of our visit to Qushtapa camp was…

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Deptford Green School

Thank you Deptford Green School students for giving away 300 books from your schools library, you are such a beautiful…

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Zozik primary school Ruandz 19 nov. 2017 11

Sharing essential equipment for Zozik primary school

We renovated Zozik primary school by painting the complete school, providing each child (260 children) with three notebooks a dozen…

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#UniversalChildrensDay – Kurdistan 24

On #UniversalChildrensDay we would like to ask the international community to do more for children in developing countries. We need…

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Kurdmax TV Show ‘Charxi Baxt’ aiding Green Kids

Singer and founder of Green Kids Dashni Morad was invited to a national hit TV show on Kurdmax TV ‘Charxi…

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Green Kids Kirkuk – Dyarbekir Primary School

What a beautiful way to kick off the new year with Green Kids team visiting the beautiful children of the…

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Mini library Kewrgosk camp

Opening of our third mini library at kewrgosk camp for Syrian children all books and toys were donated by Dutch…

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Mini Library Qaymawa Camp

Opening of our second mini library at the new camp for Iraqi displaced people of Mosul. We provided 1000 books…

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Dance and music with the children of Mosul​

The ‘Kurdisch – Deutsche Gesellschaft’ organised a mini concert for the children of Mosul who had all JUST fled ISIS….

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Green Kids Dugrtka School

I was very happy to have visited Dugrtka School in the village of Dugrtka to provide school materials, bedtime stories…

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Collecting books and toys from the Annie MG Schmidt School in Arnhem

Green Kids continued its amazing work in providing educational materials for refugees in Kurdistan. The organisation joined forces with the…

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Mini Library Baharka Camp

Dashni Morad travelled back to Baharka for a Green Kids project, when she arrived she realised that the conditions for…

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Collecting aid for Yezedi Families

Once I heard about the terrible news about this radical group that invaded a Kurdish town by surprise, abducting thousands…

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Cleaning and greening Qandil Mountain

The beautiful mountains of Kurdistan have been littered for years, and are becoming moreso with each passing day. Since 2012,…

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Erbil international Book fair

Green Kids went along to the Erbil International Book Fair, a book event designed to contribute to the cultural renaissance…

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Green Kids Biyara Hawraman – Pier Shalyaar Primary School

Dashni Morad’s mum grew up in Biyara, a town built on a mountain, and renowned for its fruit and walnuts….

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Women in light and shadow gallery

Dashni participated as a dutch kurdish female singer at the “Women in light and shadow” gallery all painting were done…

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Green Kids Akre – Primary School Sosna

Continuing its good work with primary school children, Green Kids visited Sosna Primary School in Akre, and were honoured to…

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Green Kids in her birth city Sulemany at her own primary school ‘Qadam-Xer’ with Kurdish boy band L.S.

In an emotional project for Dashni, the Green Kids team travelled back to her birthplace of Sulemany. Whilst it was…

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Women International Network Erbil BIG Clean up

We did this with an NGO called W.I.N.E (Women International Network Erbil) The women were from Canada, US, across Europe,…

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Visiting a zoo on worlds animal day and helping out a hand

Today worlds animal day! To me this day means getting awareness of everyone in Kurdistan to treat animals better, getting…

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Green Kids Cambridge International School

Green Kids is dedicated to helping schools in poor conditions, but the projects the team are invited to participate in…

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Green Kids Batifa

Green Kids has committed itself to reaching a wide audience, in order to spread the message of environmental issues as…

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Green Kids in the city of Helebce – With UK artist Nikki Murray. Sallahadin primary school

Green Kids is committed to spreading awareness both in and outside of Kurdistan. The team invited English artist Nikki Murray…

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Green Kids Sinjar

The Yezidi community of Sinjar had become a dangerous place, with a high presence of terrorism. Green Kids travelled outside…

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Newroz (Kurdish New Year)

To celebrate the Kurdish New Year, Dashni and her family found a beautiful outdoor area to go for a picnic….

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Cleaning up Bekhal

Continuing her promise to clean and restore the mountains in Ruandz, Dashni rounded up friends from all over the world,…

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Cleaning up Ruandz

In 2010, Dashni visited the Ruandz area with friends and took in the beautiful scenery and the inspirational surroundings. They…

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Collecting for Syrian Refugees

Produced and presented a special tv program where we collected 50,000$ for the syrian refugees in Domuz camp January 2013…

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Green Kids Koye

The second ever Green Kids project took place at Koya. After researching schools in need, Dashni and the Green Kids…

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First Green Kids Ranya

The first Green Kids project was in the town of Ranya. Invited by the school to spend a day with…

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