Planet Earth is our home, and at Green Kids, our aim is to teach children about the importance of protecting it. Sadly, us grownups are not doing a very good job of looking after it, so at Green Kids, we believe it is up to the children of today, to save our world tomorrow.

We have made it our mission to teach children everything they need to know about our symbiotic relationship with the environment, and all the animals and plants that coexist within it.

Although we promote learning in the classroom and at home, we believe that the best way to educate children about the environment is to take them out into the great outdoors, so they can see for themselves how our global ecological system works. This is because at Green Kids, we believe that enjoying the environment goes hand-in-hand with preserving it.

It saddens us to see how mankind is hurting Mother Nature. Just take Dashni’s homeland, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. It is a part of the world steeped in natural beauty, with its ice-capped mountains, grand valleys and serene lakes. However, environmental abuse and negligence over the years has meant that the region’s eco-system is under threat.

In fact, it was because of this problem that Green Kids came about. Today however, Green Kids aims to take a more global perspective on its mission, trying to encourage and inspire grownups all over the world, to teach children about the benefits of living in a healthy environment.

Green Kids managed to reach and support many schools, and many children over the last few years in the Kurdistan Region, and along the way we have learnt many valuable lessons. None more so, than the realisation that not all children have access to education, let alone environmental education.

Subsequently, Green Kids also made it its mission to provide support to children in poverty, including child refugees, so that they are able to attend school, and with that get the opportunities that would have otherwise been denied to them.

All children deserve a chance. All children are Green Kids.