Visiting a zoo on worlds animal day and helping out a hand

Today worlds animal day! To me this day means getting awareness of everyone in Kurdistan to treat animals better, getting animals legislation and having a zoo acting as a educational, protecting place for all the animals. (K.O.A.R.P) works with this vision in Kurdistan.

I was so happy that I could join “Kurdistan Organization Animal Protection (K.O.A.R.P) together with Rayan, lead singer Babylon Band and XKurdlike winners Srud, Rafeh and Rabar. Not to forget the volunteers Las, Chro xan, mr. Collin and everyone else! Bless you all!

We were able to provide medicines for the animals in “Parky Azhal Hewler” Erbil and food for the day. We bought squirrels in the bazaar and released them in the wild between trees and a lake where they belong! As a message to everyone not to buy animals at the bazaar and have it as toys home!

To make our statement clear we visited the Erbil Governor, raised attention and reguired help for animals in the “Parky Azhal Hewler”.