Mini Library Baharka Camp

Dashni Morad travelled back to Baharka for a Green Kids project, when she arrived she realised that the conditions for the children in the refugee camps had worsened. The situation was terrible, and the team agreed instantly to do what they could to help the kids.

One of the most pressing issues the team identified was the total lack of education in the camps, and how the children were suffering as a result.

It was decided that the team would help to build a library in the camp. Young volunteers from HOBY Group Iraq, an American Iraqi NGO, offered to help with the construction.

One of the organisations within the camp, Adra Kurdistan, provided the space, and found two teachers to run the library and help the kids.

The United Nations provided a tent, and the project was well on its way!

Together, the groups created a brand new mini library, with plenty for children to read – in Kurdish, Arabic and English – so that they can escape the horror and trauma that surrounds them by diving into the worlds of fairytales.

Now, they can be who they want to be, and travel to far off lands inside the books.

The library is not only a safe haven, but also a place where the children can finally have some fun – full of toys, teddy bears and welcoming décor.