#DoYouLove? #DoYouThink?


Do you love the planet?

Then why do you not protect her?

Do you love animals?

Then why is 1 million species under threat of extinction within decades because of human actions?

Do you love nature?

Then why have we lost half of the world’s forest because of human action?

Do you love our home?

Then why are you chopping down our forests, overfishing our seas and melting the Arctic – and driving the other life we share this planet with to extinction at an unprecedented rate.

Do you love children?

Then why do 300 million children breathe in toxic air?

Do you love yourself?

Then why are you destroying our own home?

Please restore and protect mother earth.. We are the first generation to truly understand what we are doing to our world and the last who can do anything about it!!


Do you think I can breathe in the future?

Do you think there will be enough water for me in the future?

Do you think I can see wildlife in the future?

Do you think I can hug a tree in the future?

Do you think I will be alive in the future?

If you answer with NO, then please restore and protect nature so that I can just like you can have a future.

Filmmaker : Saed Govar 

Project manager @ramokurdish

Special thanks Mr. Sabah & @ahmad.photographer32