Mini Concert with RDR Band – Qushtapa Camp

Due to heavy rain our Library in Qushtapa Camp was damaged so we could not provide the much needed classes we had planned for a week.

We wanted to make it up to our mini-students for the missing classes by putting on a mini concert in the Barzani Charity Centre with one of the best music bands in town. We danced and sang together and ended the party with gifts to welcome in the New Year.

The team at Mirsha Media covered the Green Kids mini-concert and helped us spread our message of love, kindness and compassion. Also to raise awareness about the displaced children effected by war and the importance of providing assistance so that these children can escape the trauma and be children again.

In this 360° video you can see the joy of the children, singing and dancing and also the happiness of our volunteers, teachers and the RDR band.

This video above highlights the kindness and hard work of our volunteers Nada, Savan and Raghd who teach English and French once a week in our mini-library.

By donating you will help our volunteers and Green Kids to continue with our activities and classes to help the children from Syria overcome their traumas and be children again.

Video produced by Mirsha Media