Green Kids Sinjar

The Yezidi community of Sinjar had become a dangerous place, with a high presence of terrorism. Green Kids travelled outside the safe zone in order to visit a local school in the area for a very special Green Kids project.

With effective team management, Green Kids was able to fully plan their itinerary for an efficient visit, despite having their visit shortened last minute when terrorists found out about the plans.

Well known across the region for their hard work, the team ensured they had all the information for the visit in advance, and prepared with the right equipment.

Escorted by police, they worked with an external supplier to supply the school with solar powered heating systems, as well as school learning materials and of course, books, to help the children and provide them with knowledge and a better future.

The team also found a local gardener who could keep the school maintained and well looked after, paying his fees for the year, as well as painting the school to restore its exterior.

Sadly, less than a year later, the school was attacked by ISIS. Dashni is still deeply saddened that, to this day, she still does not know what became of the children.