Green Kids Dugrtka School

I was very happy to have visited Dugrtka School in the village of Dugrtka to provide school materials, bedtime stories and to paint the schools. (We will receive pictures of after paintings very soon) The kids were lovely and asked us to come back and make a concert together. We promised that if they receive good grades we would come back. We were very proud of the teachers as they are working without been paid because of the financial crisis that has hit the region. The head of the school has asked us to make them a football field behind the school, as they are the only village in the area that doesn’t have access to any sport activities. They promised to name it after myself, Dashni Morad, which was a beautiful feeling. We will do our best to provide the funds for this. Because of the winter it is not easy to create a green garden so we asked the school what else they need us to help with instead. They were in great need of energy to heat up the rooms, as they have not received any energy from the government. From this we provided them with energy for the winter.