Green Kids Biyara Hawraman – Pier Shalyaar Primary School

Dashni Morad’s mum grew up in Biyara, a town built on a mountain, and renowned for its fruit and walnuts. As a child, she visited Biyara on the weekend, taking in the beautiful scenery with her family. The stunning waterfalls were where she first discovered her passion and love for nature.

Back then, Dashni would help to pick walnuts from the trees – she remembers loving the colour her hands turned. She loved going to the river, eating fresh watermelon, and playing along the bank with her siblings.

The place became so special to her, inspiring a love for nature and the environment; but also it surrounded her with peace, and helped her feel protected. In return, she felt she must protect it, too.

When the Green Kids team began the Pier Shalyaar Primary School project, it had been over ten years since Dashni had visited Biyara.

Emotions were running high as she rediscovered the place that had contributed so much to who she is today.

The team went to the local school with two artists from the area, Qasm Hawrami and Avan Jama, to teach the kids all about nature and conservation, encouraging green thinking and green doing.

The kids sang and danced and joined in with the fun, engaging with nature and connecting with it on a personal level. The team shared important information about looking after the planet, and a great time was had by all.