Green Kids – Arbat School

Green Kids and founder Dashni Morad was delighted to open a brand new art room for Arbat School. Art neuters children’s creativity, their intelligence and their ability to express themselves and helps the process of developing.

After we heard that the children of Arbat School were being graded for their art in their reports but had nowhere to practice it. A caring teacher approached us to take a look at the project, as she told us that ‘If there is no art room, I will stop my work’.

It was a big challenge, so we spent thousands renovating and managed to build an art room from scratch.

Green Kids bought $2,000 worth of school material and supplies for the children, we also built the whole art room which cost around $1,800. We provided materials such as acrylic paints, oils, clays, brushes, tables and a book shelves filled with wonderful donations from Heval Bookstore to aid with learning. We also added a foam floor which was then then covered in carpet for the children to sit, draw and jump on if they wished.

Here’s Dashni talking at the opening of the art room…

Thanks to Green Kids and those of you that donated the teacher was able to continue her work in an actual art room.

Arbat Art Room now have their own Instagram page, check them out and thank you for all the tags!

Green Kids also hired photographers, videographers, a guitarist and a dancer to cover the grand opening. Watch the moment we cut the ribbon and opened the art room door…

Green Kids is the first charity in the area to provide an art room in a school and we’re extremely proud of that.