Green Kids Akre – Primary School Sosna

Continuing its good work with primary school children, Green Kids visited Sosna Primary School in Akre, and were honoured to be joined by artist Taha Akrey; a respected artist in the community.

His support for Green Kids has been, and remains, an invaluable source of encouragement, and he is always keen to be a part of the projects the team conducts. He helps to make Green Kids accessible to all, meaning that anyone who wants to can get involved and help out with projects.

As well as Taha Akrey, the team was accompanied by a Dutch Kurdish film maker, Beri Shalmashi, who captured footage of the school kids singing and dancing along to the songs and games the Green Kids team introduced, whilst learning all about the importance of looking after the planet.

Raising awareness of pollution and its effect on the natural environment, Green Kids handed out literature written by local writers and artists to help illustrate the issue to the students, who left having gained valuable knowledge that can follow them into adulthood.