Green Kids visits Jezhnikan Primary School, Erbil

We are very happy to know that there are so many people who know of Green Kids and believe in the Green Kids mission. There are a lot of poor schools in Iraq and Kurdistan and it is very hard for us to locate the schools that are in need of assistance and aid the most.

That’s why we are grateful to local change makers and activists who advise us and guide us through their experience and good contacts with the schools. Thanks to these great contacts we are able to help in the right way and spend most of the time on providing the aid and making the kids happy.

When Viyaan Qadr an activist from Kurdistan Iran, who works for Barzani Charity Foundation approached us about a primary school that is about to collapse any minute, we listened. Our resources did not stretch enough to rebuild the school but we knew we have a wide platform on social media to raise awareness about the poor quality of the building.

We arranged a fun day with a guitarist and a dancer, together we sang and danced with all of the children while we distributed school material. The pictures caused a quite a commotion on social media as it showed big cracks in the walls and broken windows and children sitting on the floor. A few months later the Barzani Charity Foundation rebuilt the school and we  are very happy to know that we all came together with a mission and succeeded to provide the children a safe and happy place.