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School material distribution to Shahîdany Wartê Primary School

One of our Green Kids aims is to secure a safe and happy environment for children that allows them to…

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Delivery of pens, books and more to Trpe Spian School

Another Green Kids win! With pens, books and bags we were able to provide Trpe Spian school with the tools…

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Delivering Birthday Gifts to Qushtapa Camp

Delivering my birthday gifts to Syrian/Kurdish children at the Qushtapa camp. The purpose of our visit to Qushtapa camp was…

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Deptford Green School

Thank you Deptford Green School students for giving away 300 books from your schools library, you are such a beautiful…

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Zozik primary school Ruandz 19 nov. 2017 11

Sharing essential equipment for Zozik primary school

We renovated Zozik primary school by painting the complete school, providing each child (260 children) with three notebooks a dozen…

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#UniversalChildrensDay – Kurdistan 24

On #UniversalChildrensDay we would like to ask the international community to do more for children in developing countries. We need…

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Green Kids Kirkuk – Dyarbekir Primary School

What a beautiful way to kick off the new year with Green Kids team visiting the beautiful children of the…

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Mini library Kewrgosk camp

Opening of our third mini library at kewrgosk camp for Syrian children all books and toys were donated by Dutch…

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